Mini-Bulk Containers

Repackaging Flow Chart 1 Service Containers – 04/27/12 – PowerPoint or PDF
Repackaging Flow Chart 2 Large Containers – 06/10/21 –  PDF
Repackaging Flow Chart 3 Small Containers – 04/27/12 – PowerPoint or PDF

Flow Charts #2 and #3 are legal sized and need to be manually selected before printing.

Mini-Bulk Container Contact Matrix – a listing of contacts for recycling mini-bulk containers.

US EPA Update on Container Rules & Regulations
US EPA Update on Monsanto Containers – 10/21/11

  • Nancy Fitz, Chemical Engineer, US EPA Office of Pesticide Programs, U.S. Environmental Agency

Industry Initiatives

Repack Authorization Agreements

AASA Program Overview and 2020 Inspection Results

  • Jean Payne, AASA Administration