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Ambassador Speakers Program – Trained people participate in this grassroots communications program. Their goal is to talk with American consumers to build confidence and assurance in the U.S. food and agriculture system. If you need a speaker or would like to become an Ambassador, please contact Michelle Kilper at 314-849-9446 or 800-625-2767.
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Amazing Agriculture– video shows how food is produced and how the resources agriculture uses, are managed.  A short video that BASF has produced that is designed to be a provocative and insightful,  highlighting the many amazing things this industry has and will continue to achieve over the next few decades.  Check it out.

Crop Protection Research Institute – check out the videos presented by CPRI Director Leonard Gianessi on the benefits of insecticide and the sustainability of potato production now and in future years. Other CPRI downloads, articles and posters are available also.

Fun Facts – interesting facts about agriculture that you can use to help tell the story of agriculture.

Mini-Bulk Containers – Check out the many resources available.

Pesticide Guy is a blog by Leonard Gianessi of CropLife Foundation that shows pest damage and provides information regarding the worldwide benefits of using pesticides in crop production.

Pesticide Training/Info. – Pesticide training dates and other information by respective state.

Teacher Resources – Educational materials about crop chemicals and plant development.

The Guide to Seed Treatment Stewardship – CropLife America and the American Seed Trade Association collaborated to produce up-to-date guidelines for managing treated seed effectively.

Sustainability Forum (November 5 – 6, 2019)

Cybersecurity in Precision Ag/Technology

Mike Matson, Intelligence Analyst/Cyber, FBI Louisville

The Future of Transportation Infrastructure

Chris Klenklen, Deputy Director, Missouri Department of Agriculture

Cheryl Ball, JD, Waterways and Freight Administrator, Missouri Department of Transportation

 Sustainability Programming for Ag Retailers & Certified Crop Advisors

Donnie Taylor, VP Membership & Corporate Relations, Agricultural Retailers Association

Sustainability in Conventional Farming

Matt Carstens, Senior Vice President, Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN™

State Actions

Ben Wicker, Executive Director, Indiana Agriculture Nutrient Alliance

Randy Stookey, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association

Water Issues Brochures – A reference to 30 commonly asked questions about pesticides and health issues.

Young Leader Scholarship Program – Introduced in 2013, the program is designed to expose future agriculturalists to the crop protection industry and future career opportunities. Recipients will benefit from the financial compensation and exposure to and networking with MACA members. MACA members benefit by developing a talent pool of future industry leaders and through the heightened awareness of MACA within the participating universities. Candidates will be top-potential collegiate sophomores or juniors with an educational focus on agriculture. Candidates must be enrolled at one of the 13 Land-Grant Universities in the MACA region and have secured a summer internship within agriculture, preferably within the crop protection industry. Additionally, the selected recipient is expected to attend the MACA Annual Meeting to speak about their internship experience, attend the programs and participate in reception/networking with MACA members.
Click here for a list of the 2014 recipients and their plans.
View the photo of the 2014 recipients with 2013-2014 MACA President Greg Reigh.

Ohio 2017 YLSP Application


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